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United States Army
Digital Redesign | Creative Direction | Brand System Design | Content Production

United States Army Redesign


United States Army


ACD // Critical Mass + Team DDB


Creative Direction, Design System Creation, Content Strategy, Visual Design & Prototyping (Figma), User Research, Visual Testing, Content Production & Asset Library Management.


The needs of both prospects and the Army organization are forever changing. As world events shape our history, it’s imperative that the Army stays nimble and current. So, we (Team DDB) created a future-proof design system that bends with change, while delivering an extremely complex and life-changing message.

Our system came to life in many forms beyond digital. With all roads leading back to the site, we took advantage of being in the position to visually and tonally define the brand. Through content productions, still shoots, and traditional design applications, we enjoyed every minute collaborating with 3-Star Generals and re-constructing this famous 100 year old brand.

A Shift In Opportunity:

Today, with less than 2% of soldiers actually seeing combat, we focused on designing a system that could most clearly communicate the Army's wide range of careers, specialized training, and educational opportunities.

This shift in strategy opened the door to reshaping how the Army looked. Directing shoots for this brand proved to be a unique challenge. Historically, the Army’s combat focus created a problem with proper representation. We set out to put an emphasis on the person beyond the uniform (every kind of person). Not only content with more emotion, expression, and humanity, but situations and people that represented the true makeup of the army.

A DDL designed to grow:

A successful digital design language answers the Army's current needs, but also addresses future unforeseen ones. Those needs were dictated by army structure and informed by extensive user testing.

Each page/medium will ultimately tell a totally different story. The components we use to tell the story of Special Forces also needed to tell the story of financial assistance opportunities. That content variability had to be baked into the design.

Designed to move:

How users interact and engage would prove to be an extremely important aspect of design. How do we entice without overwhelming? How do we ensure content is absorbed properly, while looking awesome?  

We answered those questions with a purposeful interaction model. Where moments of delight surprise users with fun micro interactions, moments that amplify clarity, and moments to encourage engagement. Stretching across mediums, this movement became a consistent visual thread across all of our channels.


Nigel Dennis - Creative Director, Courtney Schiffres - Copy Lead, Roman Ivashnev - Designer, Alex Rybarczyk - Designer, Jonathan Crawford - UX Lead, Stephanie Gough - UX, Dan Boland - Lead Developer, Cassie Mai - Producer, Paul Serilla - Strategy Lead, & Team DDB Agency Partners.

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