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I'm tom, a Creative Director // Digital Designer with a background in art direction, product design and conceptual campaign development. My work is detail oriented, visually balanced, and pairs best with strategy, data, and teammates who enjoy pushing visual boundaries. I have 10+ years of creative agency experience, producing conceptual broadcast, branding systems, website redesigns, experiential events, and social campaigns for a wide range of brands.

Additionally, I enjoy mentoring creatives through AIGA, coaching sports, riding mountain & road bikes, basketball, and the works of Mariska Hargitay.

Agency Experience:

Creative Director // Freelance


ACD - Director of Design // Accenture Song

2021 - 2023

Associate Creative Director // Critical Mass

2018 - 2021

Sr. Art Director // Freelance

2017 - 2018

Sr. Art Director // KBS+

2014 - 2017

Art Director // KBS+

2012 - 2017

Client Experience:
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