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United States Army
Creative Direction | Brand System Design | 3D Content Production

Army Career Match Tool


United States Army


ACD // Critical Mass + Team DDB


Creative Direction, DDL Design System Creation, Figma Visual Design, Prototyping, UX/UI + Visual Testing, Cinema 4D – Render Creation, Image Compositing & Retouching


The U.S. Army is the only branch of the armed forces that allows soldiers to self-select careers from over 275 options. Careers ranging from chefs, to vets, to bomb techs, and even therapists. Choosing your career (MOS) is a huge decision in every soldiers service, so we set out to make that decision easier and more informed with an experience that clearly broke it down for potential prospects.

Through a three question quiz, we distilled down to their core interests and most desirable benefits. An interactive experience with morphing 3D renders and compelling yet relatable copywriting, guides users towards a personally aggregated list of career options that fit their goals.

The quiz logic:

Less than 2% of soldiers see combat. So today, our main mission is to connect soldiers with educational and career opportunities to further their lives in and out of the Army.

With over 275 career options, we needed an easy way to organize and surface those opportunities. So we created an experience that distilled the (somewhat daunting) decision making process into an easy quiz. Users complete the questions and receive a curated list of Army careers based on their interests.

Design details:

Working across multiple mediums we created a series of assets for each step of the experience. 3D renders of Apache Helicopters and M1-Abrams Tanks morph throughout the quiz, while 200+ uniquely designed icons reinforced a familiar design system.


Nigel Dennis - Creative Director, Courtney Schiffres - Copy Lead, Roman Ivashnev - Designer, Alex Rybarczyk - Designer, Jonathan Crawford - UX Lead, Stephanie Gough - UX, Dan Boland - Lead Developer, Cassie Mai - Producer, Paul Serilla - Strategy Lead, & Team DDB Agency Partners.

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